Water Tanks

Nirmaan provides Water Storage Solutions using both Blow Mould&RotoMould Technology. Nirmaan Tanks are manufactured using high quality virgin polymers under strict quality parameters. Nirmaan Tanks are widely used in government projects, real estate projects as well as in domestic applications.

Nirmaan Roto Mould & Blow Mould Tanks

  • Multilayer - thermal insulation protects water from getting heated in sunlight
  • Food grade material - keeps water healthy & drinkable for a long time
  • Ribbed dome shape - superior strength & easy installation even in less space
  • Heavy duty
  • Best quality of LLDPE & HDPE raw material assures
    1. UV safe - Resistance against ultra violet sun rays
    2. Damage Resistance
    3. Resistance against deformation and colour fading in extreme weather conditions as well as over time
    4. Durability


Capacity Diameter Height
500 Lt 870 mm 1070 mm
750 Lt 980 mm 1240 mm
1000 Lt 1090 mm 1370 mm
2000 Lt 1390 mm 1580 mm

Blow Mould Process

Process of Blow Moulding includes alignment of molecules of HDPE into long and rigid chains that act like reinforcing fibers giving tank very high strength.

5 Layer Protection - Radius Analysis

  • 1 100% UV Protection Layer
  • 2Extra Strength
  • 3Anti Microbial Layer
  • 4High Chemical Resistance
  • 5100% Food Grade Layer

Quality & Reliability Policy

Nirmaan maintains a strict quality control throughout the production process and exceeds customer expectations through:

  • Implementing QMS throughout the production process
  • Using high quality raw material
  • Setting correct parameters & monitoring on regular basis
  • Staying up to date with latest technology
  • Quick customer response time
  • Regular employee training & motivation programs
  • Committed team work

Comparison Chart

  Nirmaan Blow Moulding Local Moulding
Raw Material High Density Polyethylene Low Density Polyethylene
Strength Super Strong Fragile
Wall Thickness Equal Unequal
Layers Multilayers Added Simultaneously Layers Added Separately
Internal Structure Semicrystalline Molecular Chain are Aligned Amorphous Molecule Chain are Nonaligned
End Product Heavy Duty Bulky