Our Leaders

SR Group boasts of a diverse leadership from its Founder to the Pioneers, bringing together their expertise towards a global enterprise.

The Founder

Born in 1934, Sitaram Rajgarhia took an onus upon himself when he started a mica processing company in 1951, at the young age of 17. Driven by age old knowledge and legacy of Rajgarhia family, he immersed himself into the mining and processing of the exquisite mineral ‘Mica’ with the establishment of M/s Sitaram Rajgarhia. He was a man on a mission with his pioneering ideas and unparalleled acumen. His efforts and vision lead to the creation of one of the oldest and largest powerhouses of the mica industry, encompassing the biggest stock inventory, an extensive array of products ranging from raw mica to the technologically advanced mica capacitors, and a celebrated clientele ranging across six continents. It was his foundations which had inspired the foray into the arch of Plastic and Teflon industries leading to formation of the Sitaram Group of Companies.

Sitaram Rajgarhia’s accomplishment, however, is not limited only to the world of business. He was a philanthropist by heart which was often witnessed in his efforts dedication towards improving the lives of the people that surrounded him. His humble disposition always propelled him towards the betterment of not only his employees but also of the societal underprivileged.

The Pioneers

Laxmikant Rajgarhia - was more than just an entrepreneur, he was a visionary whose ideals and thought leadership shaped the company into an efficient business conglomerate.

Born on November 2, 1956, Laxmikant Rajgarhia, fondly known as L.K, joined the family business at just 14 years of age. From then on, his vision inspired the expansion of the business from a small Mica firm started by his father Sitaram Rajgarhia, to a large corporate enterprise. His endeavors propelled the company towards higher standards of technological innovations, profound practices, and sustainable solutions.

L.K’s curiosity and love for value engineering were visible since childhood; from fixing a projector at the young age of 3, dismantling and reassembling countless electronics during his growing years, to building noteworthy machinery and structural installations. Laxmikant Rajgarhia was a legend in his own right.

But, L.K is remembered most as a thought leader, design innovator, and a philanthropist, whose relentless effort helped put Sitaram Group of Companies on the World map. After his passing away in September 2015, the group continues to move ahead on its idol’s principle and philosophy of business.

Rajiv Rajgarhia - was not only a financial whizz but also a methodical, tireless and an impeccable administrator.

As an adolescent Rajiv loved sketching and playing with numbers more than anything else. His love for math got converted into a lifelong career as the finance head of M/s Sitaram Rajgarhia. His methodical and organized way of conducting business, and eye for details helped the company grow leaps and bounds.

Rajiv firmly believed in Leo Tolstoy's quote that “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. Time management, hard work and perseverance are the key to success in any business organization. He followed these principles even in his personal life.

His untimely demise in 2013 was a shocking blow to everyone. He is continued to be remembered as a disciplined, soft spoken and a down to earth person, which elevated him and the SR Group to such great heights of success.

Arvind Rajgarhia - A distinguished leader with a powerful and practiced business spirit.

As the managing partner of SR, Arvind Rajgarhia is responsible for the company’s overall business operations, customer relations and future developments.

Arvind began his career at SR as the operations head of the group’s stagnant mustard oil plant. With his dynamic and dexterous decision making, he was able to convert the venture into a thriving enterprise.

Arvind entered the group’s mica business in 1990, with a principal association with the company’s operations and global marketing. He took an active interest in the then nascent mica capacitors. His determination and ardent work was successful in driving the business to a high growth trajectory and market share gains.

Arvind is a strong believer in continuous innovations and development as the backbone of a flourishing business. Sourcing this principle into SR, he began and took charge of the group’s collaboration with Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd of Japan.

Today, under his stewardship SR Group enjoys a position of leadership in all sectors in which it operates. Arvind is keenly working in passing on his experience and expertise to the next generation of SR leaders.