Casing Pipes

Nirmaan Casing pipes are widely used for bore-wells, irrigation, chemical distribution etc. and can be installed in vertical, horizontal or inclined positions.

General Specification

Nirmaan Casing Pipes are manufactured according IS 12818-2010 standards and are available in the following 3 types :


Plain Casing Pipes

These are generally used as extension pipes to screen pipe They are of two types C. S. Pipe For shallow-depth (up to 80 m) red colour code. C. M Pipe For medium -depth (up to 250 m) yellow colour code.


Screen Pipes

These pipes may be plain or ribbed. They have transverse slots and are mainly used in bore wells, from the water-table Level onwards.

Size Specification

Nominal Dia. Outside Dia.(mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Max. Outside Dia. over (mm)
Inch mm Min. Max. Min. Max.
1.5" 40 48.0 48.2 3.5 4.0 52.0
2" 50 60.0 60.2 4.0 4.6 65.0
3" 80 88.0 88.3 4.0 4.6 94
4" 100 113.0 113.3 5.0 5.7 120
5" 125 140.0 140.4 6.5 7.0 150
6" 150 165.0 165.4 7.5 8.5 178
7" 175 200.0 200.5 8.8 9.8 215
8" 200 225.0 225.5 10.0 11.2 243
10" 250 280.0 280.5 12.5 14.0 298
12" 300 330.0 330.6 14.5 16.2 352



Casing pipes are primarily used for Bore-well Casing, Irrigation. Domestic wells, Industrial mining. Chemical Distribution etc.


UPVC casing pipes provide a significantly cheaper, longer lasting and maintenance free alternative to MS. ERW, GI, Asbestos, and SS Pipes uses for similar applications.


Casing Pipes are easy to install and maintenance free.

Installation & Benefits

  • These pipes are manufactured with very good quality internal and external trapezoidal threads and bell-spigot ends, which ensure easy and reliable joining.
  • Ribbed screen pipes are generally used to increase the outer surface area of a bore-well casing pipe. The ribs provide around 25% additional surface area by holding the gravel balls away from the pipe. at a distance of about 2mm. This arrangement cleans slits naturally due to vertical flow passage and allows more water to seep in that results in higher yield of water than other plain screen pipes with the same bore.
  • These pipes are made with extremely smooth internal surface that produces minimal hydraulic friction facilitates easy transport of water.
  • These pipes have strong resistance to harsh weather and environments of salt, acid, alkali, oil etc and can handle a wide range of pH values enabling their uses in wells, tube-wells, bore-wells in all kinds of soil and terrain.
  • Their biggest advantage to metal pipes is their immunity to galvanic or electrolytic erosion and their maintenance free long usage life making them ideal for transport of potable water.

Ribbed Filter

Ribbed Filter System

These pipes are provided with V shape ribs on its exterior surface. Special design of this structure with fine slots provided on pipe prevent entry of even small particles. These pipes are generally used in combined wells or used for specific formation where normal screen pipes do not work, example fine sand. These pipes are provided with threaded joints with one end of the pipe having male thread and another end having female threaded socket.

Product Specifications & Range

40 to 150 mm (11/2″ to 6″) as per IS 12818:2010

Fields of Application

Domestic and Irrigation bore-wells, industrial, public and mining wells

Benefits of Screen / Slotted Pipes

  • Very effective way to recharge the ground water
  • To conserve the surface water runoff during monsoon
  • Main sewer can be protected from flooding during monsoon by reduced volume of discharge of rain water