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Sitaram Marketing is the sole authorized representative of Chukoh Chemical Industries Ltd. in India. Started in collaboration with Chukoh Chemicals, Japan, the company deals in a variety of adhesive TeflonTM Tapes and Fabrics. Chukoh Chemicals, through its proprietary technology and highest global standards of material and human resources is the market leader of Teflon© industry in Asia with continuous expansion all over the world.

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Industries Served

Fluoroplastics is a material with ceaseless possibilities. This has enabled its application in many industries, including electricity, communication, machinery, foodstuffs, construction, and medical care.

Based on the technical assets accumulated by Chukoh Chemicals on fluoroplastics, we have entered new fields using high-performance plastics including silicone and super engineering plastics.

In keeping with the slogan of, "Develop new products and open new fields," Chukoh has committed themselves to the development of products in close cooperation with customers and strive to satisfy industrial needs, which are becoming increasingly diversified and sophisticated.


Quality in today’s world is the key to all functioning. We, at Sitaram Marketing, consider this as the core value of business. Thus, keeping up with the ideology, all Chukoh products distributed by Sitaram Marketing are manufactured & packed in Chukoh Chemicals’ factory situated in Japan. This ensures not only original products but also consistency and guarantee of best performance.

Our quality of products and business ethics has certified that our customers do not leave us.

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