Mica Flakes & Powder

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated solely to the production of Mica Scrap, Flakes and Powder. Our products have found extensive usage throughout the world with applications in pearlescent pigments, industrial coatings, oil drillings and reconstituted mica.

Mica Scrap

Mica scrap is raw irregular clumps of mica received from the mines having an area between 1/2” and 1 1/2” sq. We do manual sorting of mica scrap removing dust, stone and biotite particles ensuring high quality of the scrap. Mica scrap is mainly used for the manufacturing of mica paper and reconstituted mica plates. It is also used as a raw material for the manufacture of mica flakes and mica powder.

There are two categories into which mica scrap is generally classified:

  • Tested ruby mica scrap that withstand high temperature upto 900 C and is good for calcination.
  • Untested white mica scrap that do not withstand as high temperatures as ruby mica and is not as good for calcinations. Mica Scraps can be classified into different categories based upon temperature, size, and purity requirements.

Mica Flakes

Mica flakes is mica scrap grinded into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. Natural mica flakes is prepared by rotary hammer crushing machine. Mica flakes are primarily used in industries involved in manufacturing of pearlescent pigment, concrete block fillers, refractory bricks, asphalt roofing felts etc.

Mica flakes also vary in quality based on the quality of the mica scrap used for production. We manufacture flakes of three different qualities:

  • High quality made from mica scrap tested to withstand temperatures above 900 degree C & completley white in color.
  • Medium quality of tested mica scrap that has less stringent requirement of color.
  • Untested mica flakes without any testing temperature requirement.

Mica Powder

Mica powder is made by grinding of mica flakes, which is a slow and costly process because of the tough plate like crystal structure of mica. Great care is needed to ensure the brilliance in color and other properties of the mica powder.

We produce graded mica powder based upon the requirements of our customers and can provide mica powder in a wide range between 20 mesh — 325 mesh.

Mica powder is again also classified based on the brightness of the powder as:-

  • Super white mica powder
  • Normal White mica powder