Fabricated Mica

We supply a wide range of fabricated mica products, the more popular of which are gauge glass mica, mica washers, cut mica discs, trimmer mica, window mica, transistor mica parts, mica heating elements, corrugated mica, condenser mica plates, backing mica plates, rolled mica tubes and wrapper mica. We custom cut, punch, and machine mica to your exact drawings and specifications.


Mica for Liquid Level

Indicators Mica can withstand high temperature and high pressure and thus serves as an ideal optical medium for checking the measurements in boilers for liquid level and pressure of steam.

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Cut Mica Discs

We specialize in lathe cut round discs that are used in liquid level indicators, breathing apparatus, communication devices, fuses, etc. Lathe cutting ensures complete removal of air even from disc edges and ensures a smooth finish.

Window Mica

Mica’s thermal insulation and transparent properties make it a popular choice to be used as a see-through medium for kerosene stoves, petromax lamps, furnaces, etc.

Heating Elements

Due to electrical insulation, it is used in irons, toasters, kettle, rice cooker, hair drier, etc. In all these applications, the electrical wire is wound around the mica.

Crimped / Corrugated Mica

The main use of this type of mica is in soldering irons. This is primarily made from Muscovite mica of Bihar origin which withstands high temperatures of above 700°C.

Condensor Plates

These plates are made by die cutting of thin mica films. They are also screen printed with silver ink to be used as an electrode in mica capacitors.

Backing Mica

These are small cut pieces of mica to be used on both sides of silver mica, to give mechanical strength to mica stacks for building mica capacitors.

Rolled Mica Tube

This tube is made from mica splitting for use in standing temperature of upto 600°C.

Wrapper Mica

Wrapper mica is made by die-cutting of mica thins. It is corrugated and used in wrapping the heating element of soldering iron.

Mica Washers

These are mica discs with round opening in the centre, which can be bonded by shellac or epoxy into considerable lengths. It is frequently used in railways.

Trimmer Mica

Made of stacked mica dielectric capacit-ance units, between two spring nonferrous metal conducting plates.