M/s Sitaram Rajgarhia

M/s Sitaram Rajgarhia, the flagship company of the Sitaram Group is the leading supplier and exporter of mica and mica products from India. The organization's heritage could be traced back to 1951. Since then it has earned a global notability for its manufactured products. Its wide manufacturing range includes all sizes and quality of natural and fabricated mica, high quality mica capacitors, silvered mica plates and mica flakes.

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Industrial Solutions

With its diverse list of products, the company serves the needs of multitude of industries across the world. Its broad range of gauge glasses provides viewing glasses for boilers. The natural mica offers a high quality thermal and electrical resistance for insulations. The excellent dielectric strength of mica reflects in the large demand of our capacitors either as printed plates or finished mica capacitors for utilization in high frequency and voltage radio transmission equipment, medical applications as well as military use. The company’s mica flakes are used in the production of an extensive range of color pigments for use ranging from decorative paints to printing inks, cosmetics to surface treatments.

Quality Assurance

The company has a long-standing trustworthiness for its product quality. With stringent policies and practices, every deliverable is monitored from process start to completion. Since, the finished products have critical applications, innovation, quality control is a must and a commitment which is being observed in every step of the manufacturing of SR products.


The Rajgarhia family has been in the mica business for centuries. The long expanse has resulted in the highest levels of understanding of the mineral and its properties. With the extensive knowledge, the solutions are about the use of high-quality materials and better designs leading to most cost effective end products.


The company has seen rapid growth for its continuous efforts towards innovation. It has been incessantly merging new technological advancements into its products towards newer applications and effortless use.


SR products have always been associated with the principles of customer orientation. Its notion lies in working closely with the user to develop customized solutions which would be most beneficial to them. Be it processed mica or design of capacitors; the needs of the clientis always at the forefront.


SR is a Government of India recognized Star Export House, with exports in over six continents. The company is further recognized for its mica capacitors by its association with the Electronics and Computer Software Promotion Council of India.

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