SR Group is dedicated towards creating a positive impact for the society. Focusing on three key aspects of community, we have progressed towards reducing our environmental impact, nurturing the community and improving the society with thoughtful and significant endeavors.

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Environment sustainability is the crux of all operations on Earth. As an organization, the group has judiciously targeted its resources towards enhancing the ecosystem.

Tree Plantation Drives - SR has always been committed towards reducing its environmental footprint. As a focal point, several tree plantation drives have been undertaken to not only prevent the destruction of local habitat but also to increase the green area for a richer tomorrow.

Renewable Electricity - In order to decrease the dependency on energy sourced through environment damaging procedures, SR has begun the use of solar panels for generating electricity. Initiated with powering just the basic equipments, efforts are made towards the expansion of infrastructure for supporting a major part of electricity requirements through renewable solar routes.

Rainwater Harvesting - As a rule, rainwater harvesting is carried out at all the facilities of SR Group. In an area with fast depleting water levels, this has proved to be an excellent initiative towards sustaining the groundwater.


Development of the community and its subsequent growth has always been considered an essential service by the SR Group. Starting with our Founder Mr. Sitaram Rajgarhia himself, the group has always strived towards giving back to the society.

Clean Drinking Water - Under its efforts to make clean drinking water available to everyone, the group has established several water stations throughout the town. These stations run round the clock and are accessible free of cost to all. The facilities are equipped with coolers as well, which helps in dispensing cold water during the hot summers.

Health Care - To improve upon the medical facilities of the city, the group has been at the forefront of several donations. In lieu of the absence of basic life saving equipments, SR group has donated two BiPaP machines to the local hospitals. Adding on to this, the group has abundantly sponsored for free of cost surgeries of the people in critical need.


SR group has always endeavored towards the upliftment of individuals in general. Our founder believes that a person can progress only when their personal skills are nurtured. This way of thinking has led us towards people development both within the organization and outside.

Employee Welfare - SR is committed to the idea of enhancement of mental as well as the physical well-being of its personnel. To this effect, regular health monitoring of employees is organized. Our facilities run on the OSHA principles to reduce the hazards of the workers. New technology is frequently introduced to minimize cognitive and physical stress.

Empowerment of Blind Children - The pioneers of SR are heavily invested in the betterment of the individuals faced with blindness. They are involved with the local blind school to provide them with similar chances of development as any other human being. With their time and resources, they have managed to create a safe and nurturing environment for these children.